Automated ABAP Optimization Types

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about automated ABAP optimization techniques and features in this tool.

Corrects Repetitive Selects (Selects In Loops)

When SELECT commands are used within LOOPs, it causes repetitive database access and poor performance.

Auto-optimizer recodes this SELECTs with ABAP's "FOR ALL ENTRIES" option in an appropriate place before LOOP command to access database only once.

Corrects Preteıtıve Selects (Selecets In Loops)
Adds Bınary Search Optıon For Internal Tables

Adds Binary Search Option For Internal Tables

While processing data in ABAP internal tables sorting data appropriately and using "BINARY SEARCH" option increases performance.

Auto-optimizer scans whole ABAP code then adds SORT command to a convenient place and converts READ TABLE commands to use BINARY SEARCH opton.

- Corrects Select * - Unnecessary Fields in Selects

When SELECT commands read fields which are not required in program, it causes extra data transfer from database and poor performance.

Auto-optimizer recodes these SELECTs to read only required fields from database.

Corrects Select * - Unnecessary Fıelds In Selects
Adds Mıssıng Checks For Selects Wıth For All Enrıes Optıon

Adds Missing Checks For Selects With For All Enries Option

ABAP SELECT commands with "FOR ALL ENTIRES" option should be used with an extra control which checks whether range table is empty or not.

Auto-optimizer scans whole ABAP code detects these SELECTs then adds an extra control.